Winter arrived with a bang which means the high season of Knitwear is here.
What would be a better way to keep yourself warm through the cold months than wrapping yourself in a knitted cardigan made of wool, cashmere, mohair or a mix of all of the above. But to not get bored with your outfits, - we know there's still a long road ahead before thin summer tops are back again, we wanted to help you out.
Introducing 5 ways to wear knits, all which can be found from our own selection.


curated vintage knit

The trendiest item of the moment, the knitted vest. It's very versatile and can be worn with almost anything but you can never go wrong with a classic shirt underneath. Make it oversized to get a bit of volume to the look. 




curated vintage knit

Forgot your scarf at home? No worries, wrap a thick wool cardigan around your neck and you're ready to face the wind outside. Looks both stylish and effortless.



curated vintage knit

Knee high boots, stockings and a skirt is a great combo no matter the season, but during the winter we wear this with a big knitted cardigan as a top. Brings a nice contrast to the feminine bottom part, so wear it as boxy as you like. 




curated vintage knit

A knit vest as example in this case as well but no - no need to sell the look to you twice. The suggestion here is to use your dresses during winter despite the cold. How you ask? Wear stockings under, put on a pair of cool leather boots and throw on a knit! Either a knitted sweater, beautiful cardigan or a vest like in this case - you choose depending on the vibe of the dress. Tip: dresses with frills, bows and huge collars look extremely good with a knitwear on.
Knit vest - coming online this week


curated vintage knit

When one isn't enough. Layering knits is a bold move and makes you look extra cool. Play with colors like in this example or try it first with similar tones in which case our suggestion is two white cable knits in a total white winter look, - amps it up immediately.